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David began dancing in 1997, when he took a swing class in high school; from there he got hooked! Within a few years he competed as part of a youth dance team, and later on as an competitor in the International Latin category.

In 2008, David started teaching professionally in San Jose.

Since 2011, he has taught at a local Anime convention, helping to introduce hundreds of young people to the joy of social dance. Since 2015 he has volunteered to teach dance to blind and visually impaired teenagers at a camp in Napa, California.

He's also taken students to dance competitions and performed with groups such as  Keep the Rhythm  and  Ballare Ballroom Theater Co.

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Amanda A.

"I have been taking dance lessons with David for almost two years, both singly and with my husband. In that time, my dancing has improved dramatically.

"David is an excellent dancer and what really sets him apart as a teacher is the way he pays close attention to each of his students as individuals, working with different strengths and learning styles."

"When a move is difficult for me, David is encouraging and patient, ready to repeat things as many times as I want. When a move is easy for me, we never waste time on review I don't need. This close attention allows me to learn quickly and without stress.


"David is cheerful and up-beat. I always have fun at my dance lesson and leave with a smile on my face. I highly recommend David as a teacher for both leaders and followers."

Haley G.

"I had only a little bit of dance experience before I started taking lessons with David. He really helped me with my posture and form as well as understanding musicality.

"I've now taken lessons with David for over two years and I definitely feel more confident and graceful.

"I really enjoy using what I've learned dancing at parties. Dance is a great way to meet new people while getting a lot of awesome exercise!


"David really has a way of knowing how to tell you what you need to work on in a way that really encourages you."

LaDonna S.

"David is a wonderful instructor."

"He's been coming to my house so that my partner and I and another couple could advance our salsa skills."

"He jumped right in, meeting us at our skill level and has taught us so much!"

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